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Can God heal people via Zoom?

An interesting question to consider during these challenging times. Can God heal people via a video call? As with most organisations during the Covid-19 pandemic the Healing Rooms team have had to operate predominantly via Zoom video. This has presented some challenges as its not quite the same praying for someone on a video call as it is in person. There is no laying on of hands or anointing with oil but does God need prayer team members to be physically present in order to heal someone seeking prayer? In our experience the answer to the question is definitely no. The bible tells us that God is omnipresent - he is everywhere - so he isn't limited by time or a person requiring prayer not being present with the person ministering. There is a wonderful story in the bible in Matthew 8 v 5-13 where a centurion came to Jesus asking for healing for his servant. Jesus offered to go and heal the servant but the centurion told him that he didn't need to come 'just say the word and my servant will be healed' Jesus marvelled at the centurion's faith and this faith is often the main point that gets pulled out of this story but what often gets missed is the fact that the bible records that as soon as Jesus said 'go, let it be done just as you believed it would' the servant was immediately healed. In other words Jesus didn't physically interact with the sick servant but he still got healed. Over the last 12 months we have seen many people receive a touch from God during a Zoom call and whilst we are very much looking forward to returning to face to face prayer sessions as government restrictions being to ease. We are more than happy to pray for people via Zoom if you are unable to attend a prayer appointment in person.

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