Testimonies of Faith


As a team we have experienced many healings during our sessions. Find below a selection of the healings people have experienced.

I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis after breaking my foot, and the hospital wanted to do a follow up scan.

I attended the Healing Rooms for prayer ministry, and when I went back for the scan the results came back clear, with no sign of the Osteoporosis. I explained to the Doctor that I had been for prayer and was healed and that was the reason nothing showed up on the scan. The Hospital thought the machine was broken and called me back for a further scan, and the same results no sign of the Osteoporosis.

This time I was discharged but told to return if there were any more problems and I have not been back since!


I went to the Healing rooms because I had sciatica, I could not walk very well and needed assistance. When I came out from the prayer session, I had no pain or symptoms and was walking briskly and totally healed.


During lockdown I had been having pain, severe throbbing and swelling in both my knees which had been progressively debilitating to the point I was having trouble getting up from a chair, walking was becoming increasingly difficult, and I was really struggling getting up and down stairs, and the throbbing pain was disturbing my sleep.

The HR team prayed powerfully for me and I felt totally wrapped in God’s love and peace, then felt heat going through my whole body.

The pain was no better when I left the appointment, but I slept peacefully that night the first time in months and on waking discovered that all the swelling had gone, and my knees were back to their normal size and the throbbing and pain was gone.

So delighted to be fully mobile again and praising the Lord that He is still the God who heals today!


Proverbs 11:14
A city without wise leaders will end up in ruin; a city with many wise leaders will be kept safe.

My name is Usha, | live in North Bristol with my young family. | am a believer in Lord Jesus Christ from a very young age and part of a local Church.

In the year 2018, | entered into a season of Wilderness and was going through some hardships in my health, my finances, my relationships and every other aspect of my life, though | was in Church, Praying, reading my Bible, getting counselling, praising God, | was always stuck and would not know how to react in challenging times, during this season a dear friend introduced me to Yate Healing Rooms.

| was a frequent visitor to Yate Healing Rooms month after month in 2019. It’s a warm and safe place, where the sisters are open to listen, offer wisdom and pray according to the Bible. These sisters are just Jesus, literally Jesus and not just the compassionate and kind like him but also operate in the Healing and Miraculous Power of Jesus Christ, they have helped me to change my perspective and look up unto God, they built my Faith with Scriptures, Prophetic Pictures and also imparted the Gift of Prophecy. | did not realise that | was grieving the Holy Spirit with my words and actions, these precious Sisters taught me to repent and prayed for me to receive a fresh Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in Tongues.

One of the scriptures given to me was Malachi 4:2
But for you who fear My name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings. You will go out and grow up like calves from the stall.

Today, | am leaping with Joy. My Joy is unspeakable in the Lord. There is a lot of secular help and wisdom in the world but the wisdom and healing | got from Yate
Healing Rooms is Redemptive and Safe. To me the Healing Rooms is as though a “Dwelling in the Shadow of Almighty”.

This is the Father’s heart to Heal, Redeem and Prosper people.

Usha, Bristol

I came to Yate Healing rooms for prayer as I was in dark place emotionally and mentally. I had been through a very challenging period in my personal life and it felt like I was carrying the weight of the world around with me. I was not sleeping properly and had suffered from panic attacks. Looking back, I can see that I was burned out, stressed, and emotionally crushed. I literally did not know which way to turn. I did not go to my Doctor as I felt that they would tell me I was depressed and prescribe anti-depressant’s. I was not keen on going down that path.

One day as I was driving along in my car, I remembered that a Christian friend of mine Claire was involved in a Healing Rooms at Yate. I did not know a lot about it, but I knew that they prayed for people, so I figured what have I got to lose by making an appointment! I contacted Claire and booked an appointment.

A few weeks later I turned up for my appointment on a Thursday evening. I was met by a kind and friendly lady on the reception desk who made me a cup of coffee and asked me to complete a brief questionnaire which asked me why I had come from prayer and what would I like the team to pray for. I was then taken into a comfortable room and was introduced to the three people who were going to pray for me. They were all warm and friendly and made me feel welcome. There was no ramming religion down my throat or anything like that they just told me that it was God who had the power to help me and all they were going to do was pray about the issues I was struggling with.

I can only describe the experience of receiving prayer as being incredible. During the session several of the team members placed their hands on my head and shoulders (with my permission) and I felt an incredible warmth all over my body. I also felt like something physically lifted from me. It was like a weight was taken off me. I also felt like something dark left me as well. I cannot explain what it was, but I came out of that first session like I was walking on air, it was incredible.

The prayer team felt that I needed a further session. so I went back a few weeks later for some more prayer. Again, the experience was incredibly positive, and I came away with the same feeling of elation and more importantly freedom. I genuinely believe that I was set free from something very dark that had been dogging me for a long time.

Fast forward 15 months and I am still free. No depression, no panic attacks, the darkness has gone and emotionally I am in a great place. I can also say that the whole experience has re-opened my mind to a creator God who loves us and cares for us. I am enjoying the journey of finding out more about him.

James, Bristol

I have attended the healing rooms 3 times with eczema (which I have had since birth) and alopecea (which I have had intermittently for 30+ years). I have felt the presence of God during prayer and left the healing rooms feeling closer to God with a new sense of God’s love for me and strength but above all a healing both physically and spiritually.

I am walking with God in my healing and thank Him for all that He is doing and has done in my life. I now feel a peace, contentment, and strength that I have never experienced before but know that it is Gods healing presence upon me.

Mary, Bristol

When I broke my ankle I came for prayer from the Healing Rooms Team as for 4 months it wasn’t healing. The team prayed on several occasions but when I visited the hospital, the x-rays showed the break.

I came for more prayer. This time one of the team fasted and prayed before I came and God revealed the root of the problem which the team then prayed for. A week later I went back to the hospital and had another x-ray as the doctor was deciding what he would be able to do.

To his amazement the x-ray showed the ankle was completely healed. He was so surprised that he called another 2 doctors to confirm what he was seeing as he could not believe that after not healing for 4 months, it was suddenly healed in a week.

I have had no further problems with the ankle Hallelujah!!!

Pauline, Bristol

“In August I broke the 5th metatarsal bone in my foot and a lot of damage was done to the ligaments and soft tissue etc. in my foot. 4 months later the bone had still not healed, and in fact there was very little improvement in the foot in general. Two of my toes would not move, which meant that I was also very unbalanced, and I was in a lot of pain.

In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, members of the Yate and Chipping Sodbury Healing Team prayed for my foot, and I praise God that I can now move all 5 toes! This has made such a huge difference to my balance, to the point where I do not need to use my crutch! As they were praying I literally felt the bones and muscles in my foot and lower leg moving and re-aligning. I know that the healing process has also been quickened in the ligaments and soft tissue etc.

All the glory goes to you Lord!!! But “thank you” to the willing vessels used by Him!”


“The team prayed that the Lord would open my carpal tunnel and that the pain would go. My hands and arms were healed of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome straight away!”


“I have experienced stiff and painful knees for most of my adult like and in the past 10 years or so they have become increasingly worse. I could not bend down or kneel down completely & going up and down stairs was painful. Some days I could not straighten my right leg properly and had to often sleep with a cushion under my knee.

After my healing, my knees felt free and I could easily straighten them and move them. I can now stand for long periods of time without pain, climb up and down stairs without pain, and my knees continue to feel better and better every day. Praise the Lord!”


“After many months of visits to a chiropractor for pain in my neck and right shoulder, the pain disappeared and all the bones in my neck and shoulder moved back into the right alignment after prayer. Also, on another occasion, several broken ribs were healed when I received prayer for healing”


“I had been suffering with back pain and visiting an osteopath, then attended a HR meeting where I received prayer. The minister prayed, ‘Back be moved in Jesus’ name’, and it was. Since then, there have been times when the pain has tried to return in different parts of my neck, and I simply repeat these words and thank Jesus for my healing”

Lynne W

Previous healings that helped inspire the creation of the group:

“I suffered from M.E. for two years, I had no energy, all my muscles were wasting, I was unable to walk unaided or even pick up a cup of coffee and I suffered with confusion and slight loss of memory. After prayer for healing, the confusion and memory loss went immediately and over the next few months I regained 100% mobility and my energy levels returned to normal. 25 years later I am still fit and healthy”


Testimony January 2021

After experiencing severe chest pains and heart palpitations for a few years, I asked the Healing Rooms team to pray with me in January.  They were becoming increasingly frequent,  longer lasting and more debilitating.

I cared for my father who had Alzheimer’s for four years in my own home.  Once night, completely out of the blue whilst I was driving home from work, I  had the most painful chest pain.  I arrived home and sat on the bed, feeling sure I must be experiencing a heart attack.  I wasn’t sure what to do and was unsure whether to dial 999.  Eventually, the pain subsided.  This happened occasionally after that; maybe two or three times per year.

After a few years, I began to realise that what I was experiencing was what the medical profession would call ‘anxiety/panic attacks’.  The slightest little thing would trigger them such as something slightly sad on the television.  My heart felt as though it would burst out of my chest as it was beating irregularly and very fast.    This last year the symptoms increased in regularity, and were occurring approximately twice per week.  Previously, lots of deep breaths had helped, and if it happened at work I used to try and breathe my way through it, but as time went on, this became less effective.  The pain would often keep me awake at night and would last most of the night.  Towards the end of 2020, I started to think to myself that this was something I would have to endure for the rest of my life. I realised after that these were not my own thoughts.

At the beginning of 2021, I realised that I needed to ask the Lord to help me; I don’t know why I had left it so long before I realised I needed my brothers and sisters in Christ to minister to me.   I decided to ask the wonderful Healing Rooms team in Yate to pray.  They all prayed for me and gave me some wonderful pictures and scriptures; it was a truly comforting experience to know that God was there and that the team all cared.

A week or so later, I read something sad and it all started up again.  I thought to myself that I wasn’t going to stand for it any longer – God had healed me!  I repeatedly spoke Jesus’ name aloud and said that ‘I will not fear because God is with me, I will not be dismayed because He is my God.  He will strengthen me and help me; He will uphold me with His righteous right hand.’ (Isaiah 41 : 10)  Well after speaking that scripture aloud alternatively with Jesus’ name, the symptoms started to die down after a couple of minutes and completely disappeared.  I have since felt so much better!  The anxiety bowed down to the name of Jesus!  Hallelujah, thank you Lord!